Our History

The Year 1912 was a beginning of a New Era for the Agricultural Sector in India when our founder leader Shri.Gopal Ganesh Dandekar, a great visionary, founded GG Dandekar Machine Works Ltd., for manufacturing Rice Mill Machinery in Bhiwandi about 30 kms from Mumbai. At that time, our farmers were processing paddy, cereals, wheat etc., manually or with limited aid of simple equipments made locally. As you know, India comprises of nearly 80% rural and 20% urban and Agriculture is the major and largest industry and source of income. Shri.G.G.Dandekar already had a strong conception that Indian farmers and Rice Millers, must be provided with latest agricultural equipments so that there will be a rapid and continuous growth in the agriculture production. His efforts and work started producing fruits when the production of rice, wheat etc., rapidly increased. From then almost for nine decades Dandekar were the only Manufacturers of Rice Mill Machinery in India and even today, among many manufacturers, Dandekars enjoy the leading position in this field.

In the year 1967, Dandekar associated with " KIRLOSKAR " a century old Industrial group of international repute. In the year 1968, Dandekars entered in to a Technical Collaboration with M/s F.H.Schule, Gmbh, Germany with the view to incorporate latest design and modern technology in our various machinery and started producing most modern machinery in India and have been continuously making improvement and upgrading of the technology on their own by Research and Development efforts.

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